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About Restoration Physicians

Restoration Physicians goal is to serve the public community with state-of-the art Integrative Medicine approaches.

In addition to thorough medical evaluations and treatment, we integrate all aspects of health and health care including psychological and spiritual approaches. We believe that healthy external appearances are the most permanent when we maintain inner peace.

Tampa Bay’s Hormone Doctor – T. Connine, M.D.

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Tampa Bay’s Hormone Doctor – T. Connine, M.D.

Problems like fatigue, stress, and irritability dissipate with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement treatment. Dr. Connine (Dr. Co9 or simply Dr. C.) specializes in using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to rid patients of symptoms like these and many others that occur with peri-menopausal, post-menopausal, and male andropause. He also identifies and treats nutritional, metabolic, and hormonal disorders leading to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc. Hormones play a crucial role in determining wellbeing and health. Because optimal wellness is imperative, Restoration Physicians was founded. We are here so that women and men can be educated about their hormonal health and other proven medical knowledge regarding their optimal wellness.

enjoying good health, wellness Dr. Co9 uses an Integrative Medicine approach, delivering a unique and individualized metabolic and hormonal health plan to each patient. Because he is devoted to providing patients with the information and treatments necessary to achieve a balanced body, each patient achieves a healthier and more productive lifestyle. With an emphasis on prevention, Dr. Co9 specializes in offering cohesive and comprehensive plans needed to meet the body’s needs and bring about results!