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Low Testosterone: Common Signs for Aging Men

Low Testosterone has recently become a common topic in many doctors’ offices, as the Baby Boomer generation continue to age. 

Considering that then baby boom generation was the first generation to openly discuss sex, it’s expected that the same generation would be open about their sexual shortcomings … such as erectile dysfunction or lack of interest in sex.

Dr. Connine, a Hormone doctor in Wesley Chapel states that the rise in low testosterone testing can be directly linked to the flood of media coverage on the topic. He states that the increase in low testosterone cases are directly contributed to the influx of people who are getting tested.  “Years ago, nobody heard about “low Testosterone” everyone thought the feelings of being depressed, weak, fatigued, were a part of getting old.”

Low Sex Drive

Testosterone plays an important role in maintaining a health sex drive (libido) in both men and women.  As they age testosterone levels decrease and can lead to a lower or even non-existent sex drive.  If you or your spouse feel that there is a sudden drop in the desire for sex, you may want to get your hormone level tested.

Erection Problems

Low testosterone may be a factor in achieving an erection due to the fact that testosterone triggers receptors in the brain that produce nitric oxide.  Note that testosterone and nitric oxide do not actually cause the erection, their job is to stimulate or initiate the process.  Erectile dysfunction may have multiple causes which should be checked by a qualified doctor.

Low Semen Volume

Testosterone levels play a role in the amount of semen that is produced.  If there is a drop in the amount of fluid that is produced after ejaculation, you may want to contact Dr. Connine for a consultation.  

Loss of Hair

Hair production is aided by the amount of testosterone in a person’s system.  While balding is usually a natural part of aging, some people may face premature balding due to the lower levels of testosterone production.

Lack of Energy

It is quite common for men who experience severe fatigue and energy loss to be suffering from low testosterone.  If you’re getting enough sleep but lack the energy and motivation to exercise, you may be suffering from low testosterone levels.

Loss of Muscle Mass

Testosterone plays a significant role in the building and strengthening of muscles.  Men that have a low testosterone level may find that they are not developing muscle mass or size.  

Decrease in Bone Mass

Men can also experience the loss or thinning of bone mass (osteoporosis) much like a common condition that women experience.  Testosterone plays an important role in the production and strengthening of bone.  Men who have experienced low testosterone for a period of years may become more susceptible to bone breaks and fractures.

Mood Changes

While women are the majority of victims who experience mood swings, especially when menstruating, men also can suffer mood swings brought on by lowered levels of testosterone.  Research has shown that a lowered level of testosterone can lead to depression, irritability or a lack of focus.

Low Testosterone Testing and Treatment

Lowering levels of testosterone are normal as men age, so most men may experience some of the above symptoms mentioned.  If you’re concerned about your health and would like to learn more about testosterone systems, please contact Wesley Chapel's Dr. Connine. He will be able to guide you through the testing and therapy process.